The Black Mudpuppy: Formerly the Aztec god of the Underworld, Xolotl, the Black Mudpuppy is now begrudgingly a super hero. While he detests people, his only hope of ever having his powers fully restored is by doing good deeds for humanity. With each rescue, or thwarting of villainy, he gains back a tiny amount of godhood. However, for every good deed, he tends to do several terrible things, so it’s usually a wash.






Simon West: Simon is a low paid tropical fish enthusiast who is the first modern day person to discover The Black Mudpuppy. He works at Carl’s House of Pets, and is Mudpuppy’s roommate/sidekick/emotional punching bag. He sometimes goes by the alias “The Red Eft”.





Quetzalcoatl: The highest of the Aztec gods, Quetzalcoatl banishes Xolotl for Cruelty to Goats into the body of a neotonic salamander. 491 years later, Quetzalcoatl offers him the chance to redeem himself as a superhero. He is able to shape shift and inhabit inanimate objects, like little diver guys in fish tanks.






The Invisible Deafmute: Arch nemesis of the Black Mudpuppy, he is transformed from a normal hearing impaired person into an invisible hearing impaired person when he accidentally falls into a vat of invisible ink at his job at the joke and gag gift factory. ┬áHe’s really just angry because people keep sitting on him.







Hitlersaurus: An evil Tyrannosaurus rex who is also Hitler. He resides in Dinosaur Hell, which is like normal Hell, but for dinosaurs. He is capable of mind-control and since he is a bloodthirsty dinosaur, he also has a tendency to eat people. He is not particularly bright.







Dr. Hypochondria: Once a successful sham TV doctor named Dr. Narnia, he reveals a plot to enslave humanity by way of mudpuppy DNA and terrible terrible Health-Improvement books. He is extremely good at making people believe they have ailments that don’t actually exist.




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Hel: Hel is Xolotl’s former girlfriend and ruler of the Underworld for Disused Psychopomps. She could be described as “bipolar” in the same way that molten lava could be described as “somewhat hot.” She has various demon powers and commands monsters and souls of the damned.



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Fennec & Goat: Ostensibly children’s television show performers, but actually foul-mouthed anthropomorphic talking animals. They feel the world is probably not ready for knowledge of their existence, so they tend to dress up as anthropomorphic talking animals.



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Chumbles the Chihuahua: Simon’s mother’s injury-prone dog.