Hello and welcome reader! ┬áMany of these stories are reasonably self contained and do not necessarily need to be read end to end. If you’d like a primer, you can check out this 3 page comic that explains the premise enough to let you jump in. (The most popular story so far has been “Psychopomp & Circumstance“). Thanks for checking out the Archives!


Tales from the Pond

Apr 25, 2012Costume

The Obligatory Retcon

A short clue as to what really happened to Xolotl.

Guest Comics

Aug 24, 2014Guest Week #1
Aug 25, 2014BMP Goes on a Date
Aug 28, 2014BMP, Cat Sitter
Aug 30, 2014Urban Iditarod

Gag Comics

Sep 03, 2014Simon's Sister
Sep 05, 2014Gravel
Sep 07, 2014Crawdads
Sep 10, 2014Luchador
Sep 12, 2014Sneeze
Sep 15, 2014Hamster
Sep 17, 2014Shumway
Sep 19, 2014Basketball
Sep 22, 2014Babysitting
Sep 23, 2014Pumpkin Spice
Sep 28, 2014Bad Luck
Oct 01, 2014Dunning Krueger
Oct 02, 2014Helium Miser
Oct 05, 2014Anti-Gandhi
Oct 07, 2014Raccoon
Oct 10, 2014Ouija

Salamanders from Hell

Mexican Standoff

After bringing back the real god of the dead, Siren, Xolotl and Quetzalcoatl are locked into a bad situation.