Apparently, this is a good thing.

 Comic Synopsis

The Black Mudpuppy is a webcomic drawn by Ethan Kocak. He invented the character in 6th grade math class, but only just got around to actually drawing out the story as a 29 year old. The comic tells the story of a would be Aztec god, known as Xolotl. Xolotl is the God of Fire and the Underworld in Aztec mythology. He’s kind of a jerk in this story though, so he’s banished into the body of an axolotl for 491 years, at which point he is semi-freed under the condition that he has to do good deeds for mortals in order to earn back his full powers.

About Ethan Kocak

Ethan has previously worked as a freelance artist and created the web cartoon The Darwin Finches. He collects rare species of gecko, is invisible to owls and cannot be filmed.

About Adam Wickert

Adam is a time traveler from the future. He is the webmaster for, runs the merch store,  is very tall, and communicates entirely via slide whistle.